Black Cab Insurance

Black taxi cab is truly an icon. It is a symbol of UK itself and there are not many streets in U where you wont come across one black cab. But for a driver, black cab is not only an icon but also a source of income. If you are driving a black cab in UK then you will have different needs than other taxi drivers driving in other cities. That is why you need to get a black cab insurance to accommodate your needs and to be mentally at peace that everything is under control.

Black cab insurance is there to protect you and your passengers in case of accidents. It also provides cover for repair work or any other expenses paid. But for your total protection, insurance is required which cover things like medical and legal expenses. Extra coverage of breakdown assistance, replacement vehicle cover and windscreen replacement cover is worth thinking.

There are a growing number of brokers in UK that deals only in black cabs. They offer insurance policies, give you convenient options and are ready to help you with queries. They would advise you respecting the general areas where you can operate your black cab business effectively. While searching for an accurate black cab insurance policy, the first thing you should look for is that your insurance provider includes UK under their area of coverage. Also make sure that you are covered against all likely risks to your vehicle and business. Some black cab risks include:

• Risk of damage by customers that is covered by third party insurance.
• Risk of fire and theft, coverage of which is included usually in all black cab insurance policies.

Black cab insurance is not hard to find, because these days there are plenty of firms and companies that offer necessary protection and cover for your black cab.
Choice Quote Insurance Services has been providing black cab insurance since 1995. In UK they have established a reputation of offering excellent taxi insurance cover and professional services. But most of their policies for public and private hire black cab taxi drivers, offers cover to full time taxi drivers with minimum of 2 years taxi no claim bonus. Drivers must not have more than one ‘at fault’ accident and two minor traffic offences. Other schemes are also available.

MCE insurance is famous for giving cheapest quote for your black cab insurance by comparing insurance prices with more than a dozen leading companies. As MCE Insurance works with leading UK’s black cab insurance companies, they protect no claim bonus for small premium in case of theft or accident. They also provide 24 hours breakdown service.

Taxi Protection also compares the rate of UK’s top specialist taxi insurers, providing best possible taxi insurance quote. It gives choices of three level of cover: comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only available. It also gives 24 hours UK based claims service.
By searching online you can compare different black cab insurance policies and select the most beneficial of all, letting you get on road in confidence

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