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Minicab versus black cab – which offers greater earning potential?

Taxi insurance quotes
As a prospective cab driver, choosing which route to go down can be a bit of a conundrum. Both private and public hire have their benefits and their drawbacks. It’s a good idea to work these out before committing to see which would work best for you.

Average fare earnings

The general consensus is that a public hire black cab is going to offer better per-fare-rates than a private hire minicab. Public hire cabs are charged by the meter, and when working in a city, this can be beneficial for a driver, if not the passenger.

Minicabs will usually charge less than a black cab for the same journey. While this won’t work out as well per-fare, it’s likely that you’ll find more customers. Prospective fares much prefer to have a heads up on how much a journey will cost them, and also quite like the idea of being able to find the best deal. As a private hire taxi, you can agree on a price which is fair to all involved.

Perceived dangers

If you have a good booking number to work from, then working as a private hire driver will be fine. However, with the bad press and current ad campaign warning people to avoid unbooked cabs, this may well harm your chances of happening across a fare. This is not so much the case with a black cab.

Black cab drivers are licensed by the Public Carriage Office in London, or by the local authority elsewhere, and have been licensed this way since the times of the horse-drawn cart. This inevitably installs a little more trust in a fare. The checks required before being issued one of these licenses is seen to be more rigorous than with private hire. They also have to go through an additional test known as ‘The Knowledge’, which ensures they have specialist knowledge of the area(s) they operate in.

Of course, despite taking ‘The Knowledge’, you can find a lot of black cab drivers become lost and the extra time spent finding your destination just adds to the fare. This is why some people see private hire as a safer bet as far as costs go and usually have a couple of good numbers on them for trusted private hire firms.

Getting ready

First off you are going to need a car. To buy a used black taxi, you are looking around the £30,000 mark. When it comes to private hire cars, you can use any vehicle, so long as it passes the relevant tests and is fully road worthy.

Next you will need taxi insurance. Insurance companies offer both public and private hire-insurance for drivers and it’s a good idea to shop around. Insurance is a legal obligation for all drivers, but also provides a good financial safeguard should things go wrong.

Insuring the Elderly Driver

Insuring the elderly is sometimes a challenge due to presenting medical conditions, slow responses, and vision disabilities. AARP insurance is currently giving quotes on car insurance for people over fifty. These car insurance quotes vary depending on the elderly individuals driving record. A good driving record could keep the cost down but poor driving records, recent wrecks, and traffic violations could keep the quotes high. Anyone can go online to request an online car insurance quote. The quotes are sent to the individual’s email.

When the elderly is researching a car insurance quote, they will need to provide specific information such as the VIN number on the automobile. Providing the VIN number allows the insurance company to check out the vehicle history and understand the type of vehicle they are quoting car insurance. Low auto insurance quotes are available for vehicles that are safe, and paid. The driver usually has to carry more insurance when the automobile is financed. Full coverage is a requirement on vehicles that finance companies still own. AARP insurance can help with an online car insurance quote. Auto insurance quotes can help elderly individuals to choose the coverage that they can afford.

Auto insurance quotes can vary depending on the amount of deductible. Individuals searching for an online car insurance quote may not accept the first car insurance quote they receive. When the elderly is, trying to keep their cost down, they will increase the deductible amount as well as agree to drive less. Low mileage on a vehicle cost less than a vehicle that is driven excessively. Medical for the elderly individual as well as the potential other driver can be something that car insurance agents can reduce. Reducing this cost will cut down on the cost by a few dollars.

When searching for automobile insurance, take the time to collect all of the necessary information to provide for the online insurance quote. Having information accessible will give the shopper the advantage. Insuring the elderly is possible and inexpensive with the correct information and good driving history. Affordable plans are available on websites such as AARP.

5 Things Your Taxi Insurance Should Have

The best taxi-insurance policies are the ones that give you everything you need. A great price will always grab your attention, but it’s always good to check what you get for your money. A low premium might seem good, but if it doesn’t give you the best of everything, then you might be better going elsewhere. These are some of the things you should look out for when you’re comparing policies:

  • Dedicated Service – It’s always better to have an insurer who is a specialist in insuring taxis and not just a general insurance firm. Generally they’ll give you the best price anyway, but they’ll also give you a much better service if and when you have to make a claim. They’ll also be in a position to give you a wider range of relevant products, including courtesy cars or replacement taxis.
  • Unlimited Mileage – You’re going to do a lot of miles in a year, and you have no real way of knowing just how many that will be. Having an unlimited mile policy means that you’ll never have to worry about going over your limit any paying excessive extra costs. It’s often not a huge increase in the cost of the policy either.
  • Legal Expenses – If the worst does happen, and you have to make a claim, then you could be in for a shock if your policy doesn’t include sufficient legal expenses. Make sure that your policy includes full legal expenses cover for whatever situation that might arise. Legal costs can be extremely high, so this is essential.
  • Discounts – The best insurers will offer a variety of discounts in several forms. You might get a good price for being a new taxi driver or company, and you should always accrue discounts for having a no-claims-bonus. Experienced drivers should have this protected. If you’re new to taxi driving, make sure that any quotes you get take into account any claim-free driving with a private vehicle.
  • Extra Insurance – There are a number of extra types of insurance that might be beneficial to you, and it always helps if your policy or insurer offers these. Public liability insurance is essential. Fleet and office insurance is clearly not for all drivers, but it’s great if a fleet can be completely insured under one policy.

This is not a comprehensive list, and as a general rule, you should try to get as many extras as possible to get as much value from your money as you can. It often takes a long time to search through policy details to find out all of the information you need, especially when comparing different insurers, but it can be much easier if you get taxi insurance. They are a taxi-insurance specialist who will help you to find the best quotes and prices. They search a wide panel of insurers to find you the right policy, and have excellent relationships with those insurers, meaning they can offer the best rates.

The internet as a means of a taxi insurance quote

The internet today has made practically everything possible while staying within the comfort of your home.  Now you can even purchase a taxi insurance quote online! There are several ways of getting the right cover for your taxi insurance policy, but nothing beats purchasing one online. It is the quickest and most productive way of securing the best deal for your taxi insurance policy.

You just have to go through a few essential steps and all you will be left with is the best quality and least costly taxi insurance quote. Some people go through the website of each individual insurance company to find themselves the quotes they desire. For people who want to avoid this time consuming process, there is always the option of comparable websites available. These sites are built for you to find the best taxi insurance policy in the shortest possible time. Using online taxi insurance quotes also helps you save a lot of money. In finding the most reliable comparable website, you will have to do some research.

Go through several comparable websites and find one that has a good deal of history behind it. This would be more reliable than a relatively recent website. A good comparable website would also include expert advice by professionals. If a website offers this kind of service, it is recommended that you call them and see how helpful they can be. Once you have found the right comparable website, your next task is to find a policy that saves you the most money. In other words, a policy that offers the lowest insurance premium should be your goal.

The internet has not only allowed you to find taxi insurance policies within a short time frame, but also at a much lower cost. Many online taxi insurance companies offer a lower premium because of the great deal of competition that prevails over the internet. In the war to secure the maximum possible customers, the one that offers the lowest price wins the race. If you follow these tips, you can not only save money, but also get the best quality.

Importance of Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Private hire taxi insurance is required under the United Kingdom law. A private hire taxi is one that is available for public use round the clock. These are the taxis that function with on-call customers, where you can call them and ask to collect or drop you from or at a particular destination respectively.

Under the law, insurance is mandatory for all vehicles that use the public highway. Private hire taxi insurance is usually more expensive, but the cost can be minimized in a number of ways. For instance, if you have a clean driver’s license, you can be offered lower premiums by insurance companies. Moreover, if you have no claims against you, it could help you secure you an even better deal. Experienced drivers and those over the age of twenty five are given even more preferential terms. Firms that wish to hire drivers must ensure that the vehicle has private hire taxi insurance. The different types of insurance policies available are comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only. You must have one of these policies under your belt to able to drive your vehicle legally on the UK streets.

The laws pertaining to private hire taxi insurance in the UK are very strict and failure to abide by them may lead to severe repercussions. It is much less costly to purchase taxi insurance for your vehicle than be caught driving around in an uninsured vehicle. It is also essential for the safety of the passengers travelling in your vehicle if you have it insured. In case of an accident, all the damage to your insured vehicle will be paid for. Moreover, there will be no chance of the passengers filing a law suit against you. There have been incidences where firms have gone bankrupt due to not having prior insurance.

Insurance for private taxis can be paid at a monthly rate and hence is more practical for taxi drivers. You can reduce the cost by purchasing the insurance online through various websites or through an insurance broker if you wish to avoid all the hassle.

Taxi Insurance Company-How should I select one?

The only way to get the best taxi insurance is by understanding the fundamentals of insurance. Choosing your taxi insurance is very different from buying insurance for a private vehicle. it would be a smart decision to conduct a thorough market research upon all the companies that offer the product in question. It is also advisable to get a more professional opinion by hiring a specialist trained in the field of taxi insurance. this will enable you to make a reasonable and wise decision and choose the insurance company that would be most appropriate for your needs.

5 main factors should be kept in mind before you make your decision; firstly the price. Naturally, it is more favourable to get the cheapest insurance one can find. However, look past the price and into payment alternatives that the company offers. for example, payments in installments through direct debt. The next factor to consider is whether or not the company offers any discount, never ask the compnay for discounts. Go through their catalogues and product details and you may find discounts offered after a specific annual mileage. Also if you have a ‘no-claim bonus’insurance companies would value you more since you would be less likely to get into accidents or other hazards. Also, having your taxi equipped with enhanced security devices helps in getting discounts and possibly lower premium costs.

The third factor is the extent of coverage available. Check whether your insurance company covers any damages made to the third party in the event that the taxi does has an accident. Also, if you plan on expanding your business you could use the same insurance company to cover your entire fleet.

Another factor you need to undertake before you make your final decision is to check whether any extra facilities are available. These could include legal services and breakdown coverage to help with sustenance if your taxi goes into extensive repair.
Lastly, pick the insurance company with prompt and high service quality.This would save a lot of time and reduce stress if your taxi insurance is prompt when the time arises.

Get the Cheapest Van Insurance

Everyone today wants to save money when they spend money. Insurance can cost a lot to manage but it is required in a number of situations. The cost is usually higher when you pay for premium insurance plans. This does not always suit your budget and the higher premiums can become a headache to deal with. Owning a van is great but without van insurance, you cannot drive it around. Getting van insurance is mandatory for you to be able to utilize your van.

However, if you are looking for a way to find the cheapest van insurance available, you need to be smart in how you select your insurance. You also need to know that finding the cheapest insurance is all about being smart, doing your research/homework, and assessing your options.

Be Smart. Van insurance like all other insurance is tailored to certain needs and premiums are based on certain profiles. There is insurance that is available for business owners, drivers, personal van owners and even those who trade individually. The type of van insurance that you choose to get will be based on what functions you use the van for. Comprehensive insurance will include insurance for certain things on the van such as the doors, keys and locks among other things. The size of your van is another thing to factor in. A larger van may attract a larger insurance package.

Do your homework. Once you have assessed the different packages, be sure to set your budget. If you do not have a budget range, you will not know when you have reached your limit. Find out what extras and add-ons do you want covered under the insurance plan that you have selected. Also review and compare quotes for van insurance policies that are in your area. Some insurance providers will charge your quote based on how often you drive the van. This will give you an idea what the cost involved in insuring your van will be. It can also help you to decide what extras you want covered under your van insurance plan.

Assess your options. Once you have the quotes and different insurance policies in hand, it is time to assess your options. Some insurance companies will give you the cheapest van insurance if you provide as much information as possible about the van and what it is used for. To find the most reasonable deal on van insurance, you need to bring your options down to the lowest price and the best value for money, package. Everyone wants to save money but not every insurance company is willing to help you save money. You should choose the best insurance plan that fits your budget range and gives you value for your money.

If you want to find the cheapest van insurance, you will have to have an eye for a bargain. Look for any discounts, bonuses and incentives that reduce your premium payments. Also remember to be smart, do your homework and assess your options before selecting any van insurance package.

This article was written by the PR division at Cheaper Van Insurance. For more information please visit

Ratings for taxi insurance online

In looking for the best deal for taxi insurance, it is highly advisable to search through the insurance quotes available online. With a rapid increase in the number of insurance companies in the United Kingdom, increased competition had lead to many companies posting their insurance quotes online. Thus these quotes are more accessible to potential customers now. Moreover, if you need taxi insurance, all you have to do is specify you’re the extent of cover you require and you will find a number of quotes pertaining to your specifications.

Taxi insurance online has made the process of securing an insurance deal practically effortless. When looking for taxi insurance online, keep in mind that the postcode you provide to an online insurance company will affect the price you are offered for a quote. Insurance companies in the UK use a postcode rating system, which determines the safety of the neighborhood you live in. The degree of safety of your neighborhood is taken as an indication of the safety of your taxi. Your post code rating decides what online quotes you will be offered and at what prices. Postcodes in the UK are rated from A to F, with A being the low risk and desirable postcode and F being the high risk and undesirable postcode.

The worst your postcode rating, the higher the level of risk associated with your taxi and the higher the premium you will be offered on your online taxi insurance quote. This follows from the fact that the riskier the neighborhood, the higher the probability of your taxi being stolen or damaged. Hence insurance companies have to prepare for that kind of risk. This may seem rather illogical for some people, since the taxi will probably be in use outside the confines of the neighborhood for the most part. However, your permanent residence needs to be taken into account when deciding the extent of cover you require in your insurance policy. It is quite evident from this discussion that your postcode rating is the single most important factor in determining the favorability of your online taxi insurance quotes.

How to Secure Cheap Taxi Insurance?

When buying insurance for your taxi in the UK, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to get quality as well as cheap taxi insurance. Each insurance policy is based on individual needs and circumstances; however you can secure reasonable deals with the insurance company in a number of ways. You can avail a no claims discount if you have a record with the insurance company of not making claims. Insurance companies offer varying degrees of discount, so the best way to get the highest one is to purchase more than one insurance quote.

If you are an experienced taxi driver, you can get a discounted taxi insurance. All you need to do is give proof of your years of service as a taxi driver with the local authority. Moreover, if you restrict the number of drivers in the insurance policy, you can be offered an even bigger discount. The highest discount would of course be available if you own as well as drive the taxi yourself. Even if you have more drivers, mentioning their names on the insurance policy will help reduce premiums. A clean driver’s license will drive down the premium further. Some insurance company’s offer a lower premium if your taxi is parked in a garage rather than on the road when not in use. Another kind of insurance which involves some level of risk is the Third Party Only insurance. This only covers the minimum legal requirements and is the cheapest form of taxi insurance available in the UK.

The most effective way of minimizing the coat of taxi insurance is to search for an insurance company that offers just the package you need at the lowest cost. Take as much time as you need in looking for taxi insurance, and do not make the mistake of renewing it with the same company as this is very costly. Perhaps the best way to save money in searching for the best taxi insurance is to buy one online! To save the trouble of searching online, you can use an online taxi insurance broker.

Compare Classic Car Insurance Deals to Save

Insurance is one of the most important aspects that any car owner ought to take into consideration. Insurance will always differ according to the specifications of the policy. Consequently, classic car insurance usually only covers vehicles that are at least twenty years old. With this, there ought to be a limited mileage, which is normally a requirement. The reason behind this is that classic car policies in most cases cover those vehicles that are not in regular use.

The mileage required for such a car is normally a minimum of 5000 or below. In most cases, you will find that many cars are old-fashioned, and thus they are valued commodities. It is thus important to agree on the value of its cost before you take on the insurance. Without this, you might be surprised that you may not be able to get the true worth of your vehicle during your claim. It is always advisable to make sure that you keep track of your car in terms of its quality, to make sure that you always get the full valuation amount of the vehicle, when you make a claim.

When looking for the best policy, it is not advisable to opt necessarily for the cheapest. Being an older car, it would mean that it needs extra care when handling. The main difference when you compare classic car insurance and the regular car insurance is that classic insurance value is based on a pre-agreed value while in the case of the regular car insurance; it pays the actual cash value of the car. For best cover, it is important that the owner of the car submit it to the insurance company when purchasing the policy.

There are also the garaging requirements. The owner should store the vehicle in a very secure garage, probably one that is enclosed and locked. A classic car is thus a very valuable asset on the road, and the best insurance is highly advisable always. This will make sure that the owner has the peace of mind knowing that the car is covered in case of anything. If you own a classic car, then it is high time you consider this type of insurance that has proved to be beneficial in all aspects. Get the best insurance only from the best insurance company.