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Public Hire Taxi Insurance

Public Hire taxis are the ones which you call upon specifically from your home to run you an errand or to simply take you to where you want to go, they are a bit more personal and as with all taxis even you public hire taxi needs insurance!

Just like you insure a personal car, a taxi needs insurance too. However it is somewhat complex to get public hire taxi insurance as most drivers do not have the information needed for taxi insurance. To get the right kind of insurance for your public hire taxi you need to know about the taxi insurance market in more detail before you get any kind of insurance coverage. Taxi insurance is an absolute must for those who are out all day ferrying passengers to their desired destinations, this job involves a lot of responsibility and it has a lot of risks involved with it that the first step as to why public hire taxi insurance is quite necessary.

Insurance of any kind covers your business’s financial status entirely in case your taxi meets with an accident. Since accidents cannot be foreseen before hand it is necessary to take precautions against it. Insurance provides the precaution you need to take for the sake of your own life and the life of your passengers; if a public hire taxi meets an accident without any insurance coverage there is a heavy price that the company is going to have to pay for. Insurance helps ease the financial burden, in case of an accident, on your company. There are 3 kinds of insurance, comprehensive, fire and theft and third person insurance. In case of an accident with a passenger on board, your third person insurance will help in covering all of their medical costs as well if any. Comprehensive insurance on the other hand takes care of all the day to day repairs or services that would be needed by your taxi, such as oil changes etc.
Without insurance stiff penalties maybe brought upon your company, that’s why it is necessary for you to insure your public hire taxi today.

Taxi insurance UK

The first step in becoming a cab driver involves you in making a choice in between whether you would like to operate a hackney carriage or a private hire taxi.
Hackney Carriage vehicles are referred to as taxis casually. They are fitted with a fare meter and can stop on the side of roads to pick and drop passengers; they are also fitted with a taxi top light. Private hire taxis on the other hand work differently; these taxis are only permitted to take customers who have booked them before hand to their desired destinations. They may have a fare meter fitted into them and unlike Hackney Carriages they cannot ply for hire.

Now once you have made your decision as to which kind of taxi driver you would like to be you then have to know the three types of driving licenses that exist. Firstly there is a Hackney Carriage license, then a Private hire license and lastly a combined license which allows you to be able to operate both kinds of vehicles. Next of, the applicant, that is you, must of age 21 or above to be able to even apply for an application pack which is the first brick in the road towards becoming a taxi driver. There is a standard driving test which is at a slightly higher level than that of a learners test. You will also be asked random Highway codes and traffic signs to test your road knowledge verbally.
Next you will need to produce a disclosure document which you can get by contacting the Criminal Records Bureau. Since they need a full disclosure the police and several other agencies will be involved in this procedure. Next you need to hand in a medical certificate which shows your health and any type of ailment which you maybe suffering from. After handing all required documents, the applicants have to pass a knowledge test of the geography of the district.

Remember, without taxi insurance none of all the above would matter since taxi insurance is the most important thing in the UK and without you can not be a taxi driver

Compare Taxi Insurance

Taxis are like our paid- for service car. Black cabs, public hire taxis, chauffeurs and private hire taxis are the different kinds of taxi business. Like other business, proper protection in the form of insurance is required for taxi business also. Insurance policies are changed or upgraded with the passage of time, but if you compare taxi insurance, you can find a proper and best option in the market.

All vehicles in UK are required legally to have insurance, whether it is a personal car or a taxi service. By the help of comparison websites, Internet has brought together many insurers in UK who give a comprehensive list of what to expect from different policies. They present their covers on one page, which saves you from trawling through different brokers site. For a better comparison of taxi insurance you needs to:

• Choose a specialist provider or website:
For the comparison of taxi insurance, a specialized provider is the best option. A dedicated provider knows the unique risks and benefits associated with taxi business. Online taxi comparison in UK consists of three different kinds of sites: the phone quote site, the call back form, and those that provide full online quotations.
Bollington: it is an example of the phone quote site. It does not require your information. Instead, you can browse information about insurer’s policies and covers they offer. And after getting all the information you can give them a call later, providing them with your particulars. Then they will provide you with a quote and the details of the policy that was offered.

Quote my cab: it is a website that has a call back form where you can fill the details of your taxi and your driving history. Then the site’s administrator contact various insurance brokers. After finding an appropriate quote for your taxi, brokers will come back to you.

MCE: this site is for those people who do not want to do anything over the phone. Instead, they prefer online process for their taxi insurance. This site provides comprehensive forms, which is submitted online and accurate quote or policy is offered to you.
• Check policy details:
Focusing on the price alone is not a right thing when you are dealing with taxi insurance online. You should go beyond price and study the details of policy carefully, so that you can keep a check if you are getting the value for money properly. For example, what type of cover is being offered if you taxi s damaged or stolen? Or does it include cost for fixing broken windscreen, doors or windows?

• All information at hand:
When you are ready to make comparison and get insurance for your taxi you should make sure that you have all the details to hand. Registration number, age, model of your taxi, claims history and accidents etc should be answered fully. Misrepresentation of such facts can void the policy later.
So if you want best insurance deals, always remember to compare taxi insurance policies to see what you are getting for your money

Hackney Carriage Insurance

Hackney carriage is a respectable name for London black cab. In other words it is a carriage or automobile that is kept for hire. In UK hackney carriage refers to a taxicab registered by Public Carriage Office in greater London or by other local authorities everywhere else in UK. A hackney carriage is allowed to move along the streets and pick up passengers. It can also pick up passengers without booking whereas, mini cabs require booking in advance. Similar to all hire vehicles, or indeed all motor vehicles, a hackney carriage needs to be insured before it can get on roads. Hackney carriage insurance is important for you and your passenger’s protection.

Many insurance companies offer different packages for insurance of your vehicle but you can find better prices form someone who specializes in hackney carriage policies. Hackney insurance packages can also be found by Internet research.
However proper hackney carriage insurance is harder to find than insurance of other private hire vehicles. The reason of this is because it is such a unique vehicle that is able to stand for long periods of time in a taxi rank and even flagged down in the street, which other private hire vehicles cannot afford.

Only a selected number of few insurance companies offer hackney carriage insurance because not many of the companies and insurance brokers are specialized in it. There are many other things that should be taken into consideration and only specialized companies in this field knows exactly what you want.

The most important thing to consider while choosing proper insurance for your hackney carriage is the level of cover a company is providing. You need to get insurance of not only you and your vehicle but also of your passenger. It is best to search for the policies that offer you medical, fire and legal cover in all possibilities. Assistance in breakdown condition is also required to make you able to be back on road quickly.
That hackney insurance companies should be searched who offers quick claim response. It might be possible that some of the companies might offer a replacement cab in case of accident or breakdown. It can be very helpful for the hackney owner need not to worry about the maintenance cost of the cab.

The best place to get cheapest quote on hackney carriage insurance is internet. There are certain sites that offer discounts and reductions on premium amount if policy is purchased online

Taxi fleet insurance

Taxi fleet insurance is basically like getting insurance for a group of taxis. The number of taxis that make up your fleet of taxis is different for each company. Some insurance companies consider 4 taxis to be enough to make up a fleet while others are flexible enough to provide fleet insurance for just two taxis. Taxi fleet insurance covers your whole fleet of taxis under one insurance policy. There are many different advantages of obtaining insurance for a fleet.
Generally fleet insurance is expensive as they are meant to cover more than just one taxi; however every insurance company has different rules and regulations when it comes to fleet insurance. Even though insuring a fleet is more expensive than insuring just one taxi, it seems more affordable once you consider the cost of insuring each car individually. Your fleet of taxis may consist of various types of cars, insuring your fleet under just one policy helps in avoiding a lot of confusion; helps in managing your insurance better and through that you may be able to save a lot of time.
Firstly you must consider whether you are insuring a fleet of public taxis or private hire taxis. If you are in the private hire taxi business then your taxis stay cleaner than the public ones and you benefit from the selective clientele that you receive. Remember to give special emphasis to repair and maintenance of your vehicles when and if it is damaged during accidents. Taxi fleet insurance is really the best for you if you have expanded your taxi business over a period of years and your fleet consists of new and old cars alike. Also make sure that your fleet insurance covers all the basic kinds of taxi insurance such as, accident damage, third party and fire and theft for all of your cars.
Be sure to get the best taxi fleet insurance that you can afford. Fleet insurance helps in managing and organizing you insurance details in a better way. It also helps in saving your time and money. In addition taxi fleet insurance also considers new additions to your fleet.

Taxi insurance quote online

A taxi insurance quote is what you need once you need to find an estimate about your insurance cost. There are two main ways to get a taxi insurance quote; one is online and the other is by calling the insurance broker directly.

When obtaining an online insurance quotes the main problem is that since you don’t exactly know what you want you don’t get an accurate quote. There is no extra information you can receive that would be suitable to your specific needs. There is a difference between obtaining an online taxi insurance quote and calling a taxi insurance to obtain your quote. There is always a difference in getting an insurance quote personally. Although the internet cost comparison websites have done a great job in making insurance as accessible and easy as can be for people after office hours, most customers still prefer to get their taxi insurance quote personally, either on the phone or face-to-face with a professional.

The first difference in obtaining a taxi insurance quote online, and personally is that you get to deal with a person who gives you their utmost attention rather than having to deal with a computer or call center. You also get independent advice in accordance to all your needs. Also you are offered advice on your personal claims which comes under some of the frequently asked questions. Another benefit that you may receive when personally talking to an insurance broker is that they will take ownership of any insurance problems that you may have and they will give you insurance tips after considering all your insurance history and the different needs you may have.

When talking to a specialized insurance broker, they are able to provide you with many different options so that you can be sure to have the right kind of taxi insurance, and they can also offer flexibility in the payment system after considering your situation, something which an online quote could not provide you with. There are many benefits of obtaining a taxi insurance quote personally rather than online, so call your nearest taxi insurance broker today.

Mini Cab Insurance

Minicab in England is used to refer to a private hire car and “private hire” is used in Scotland. As the name suggests these are passenger vehicles which can accommodate either 4 passengers in its 4 door saloon/hatchback or 5-8 passengers in its licensed MPV’s and can only be hired on pre-booked basis. It started off its operation in the 1960’s in direct competition to Hackney carriages which can cater to passengers without pre-bookings.
Starting 2001, the minicabs have been regulated in London and are now licensed under the Public Carriage Office, renamed as London Taxis and Private Hire (LTPH). The drivers need to undergo a Topographical test in order to obtain the Private Hire drivers license.
Owners of any type of vehicle; be it heavy and light weight motors, personal or public taxis have to have insurance before taking their vehicle on the road. It is the responsibility of the driver, be it public or private Hire to have the insurance while driving on the road. Safe drivers are aware of the risks involved and Taxi insurance is important for their livelihood’s security.
Mini Cab insurance is aimed at the cab drivers or those who operate the taxi business. Insurance not only speculates the drivers’ risk but also insures the passengers. Due to increased competitiveness in the insurance industry, there are separate policies for the drivers and the taxi owners for their convenience. To make it easier for the drivers and the owners, insurance companies have started their online ‘quote’ system where they make it easier for the insurer to get a quote on the insurance policies offered by them.
The Mini Cab and the public hire have different quotes available by different insurance companies. There are different policies, different number of people to be insured on the same vehicle. Due to increased competitiveness there is a minor difference between the insurance of private and the public Hire vehicles. It is important for you to know the difference between the policies to ensure that you get the best insurance for your minicab.

The best direct taxi insurance

We all are aware of the rapid change in the living styles and also that the main cause is internet that has brought everything too close, may it be the benefits or loss. In these sorts of times trying to work as in old times is not possible. They believe that in old times because things were face to face and so were more trustable. This is the concept of direct taxi insurance companies now a day.
Direct taxi insurance companies websites are available throughout the internet, you can go on and search the details about these companies but you may not get the online quotes; this takes you back in old time where you have to spend hours. These companies do not sell insurance quotes online because they consider that a direct dealing is more trustable by the customer. In a way they are correct by direct dealing you would know what you are actually getting yourself into.
It isn’t so that when you get online deals they are meant to be wrong. For many people they would prefer direct taxi insurance companies if they would give out online quotes, chiefly because this way they can save time and their money. In fact it would not only save money and time but also the hassle.
The ease of signing up and getting your work done has changed too much around. Such insurance companies are among the leading ones and they insure thousands of small businesses, sole traders and private owners. If the direct taxi insurance start giving off the option of easy access through internet then it is believed that they might get the double customers than they have currently.
Getting the direct taxi insurance quotes online would get most people rid of queuing up and when they would know that a company gives insurance direct as well, they would trust the source and even if they find it troubling that the whether the company is genuine or not they can go direct. There are many ways on internet to get to know how that the site is genuine or not such as the compares website.

Broker better for insurance for taxis

As every property of yours is to legally have the insurance, you run about looking for the best source. It doesn’t matter if you have a private car or the hired one; you are to get it insured. Similarly, getting your insurance for taxi is imperative. You can find number of websites throughout the internet that would get you the online quotes.
There are numerous websites for this and this makes it even more difficult for someone to choose the genuine website. To this problem solutions are also present and the two main are comparison websites and the brokers.

For your taxi insurance you might get help from any either the comparison websites that would compare the rates of different insurance companies and let you know the real one or the brokers who work as agents and do your work of sorting the optimum insurance company for you.

Using comparison websites is the latest style of getting insurance and brokers were helpful in back days. Although comparison websites are pretty famous but event then they are not as efficient as the brokers.

If you chose a comparison website then it would transfer the details to you using a telephone and you would not know the policy completely while a broker would go through the policy with you so you would know precisely what you are getting yourself into. However comparison websites are less expensive than the brokers.
Brokers faded out because they didn’t give enough quotes and as far as comparison sites are concerned they provided a better choice; this is the reason why brokers offer cheap quotes.

If you are getting a home broker for you taxi insurance then although it would work a little slower than the comparison sites, since these sites run on internet, but the broker would give the optimum details about the deal, this feature is not likely to be present in comparison websites.
Overall the point is that even though the brokers are old methods of working still today they can be better than the popular comparison websites

Why choosing taxi insurance brokers

The basic purpose of taxi insurance brokers is to find sources of contracts for you on behalf of the customer. There are well known broker agents that will find you the best company insurance offer.

If you have a car, now or later, you will have to get it insured and it is legal. Once you start searching on internet the websites that are offering you the perfect requirement are in large number and only a subtle difference lies in them. It becomes really difficult for you to get to know which website would be genuine and prefect for you. To solve this problem comparison websites are present however the brokers are preferred more.
The taxi insurance brokers are better in the sense that they would stick to you till you actually know what you are dealing yourself in to, however if you plan to get the insurance directly from a company you will encounter many problems.

You would never know the basic deal with the company until you are through with the signing.
Brokers are professionals they have dealt with thousands of companies and know what is right and wrong about the company. Although getting your taxi insured by a broker would cost you money but it would definitely not cost a fortune. A broker would consider all your demands and would not lead you into any sort of trouble.
It will even save your time. Even if you would need a comprehensive detail about the company they would give you, what more can you ask for. They will provide you with number of choices each one with the perfect specifications.

One thing you should be sure of is that the broker that you choose for your work should be licensed. They don’t have any contract with the company; they work only for your interest when you pay them.
You may get a specified broker for you taxi insurance who only deals in for taxi insurance