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Instant Taxi Insurance Quotes

If you are looking for an instant taxi insurance quote, you can visit many different sites that have what you are looking for. A basic policy that provide as part of an instant taxi insurance policy should include the minimum coverage for the area you will operate your taxi including liability insurance that protects your passengers and other people on the road. If you do have an accident the liability insurance is there to protect not only your passengers but he people in the other vehicle or vehicles. No one can operate a vehicle without at least liability coverage. If you do so, you could find yourself in serious danger from an accident that is your fault or from a random check of the vehicle’s insurance from the local authorities. As part of the instant taxi insurance quote you may receive, liability coverage will be included.


Other types of coverage may or may not be included in the policy. Some policies may include breakdown and assistance coverage, theft and fire coverage, legal expense coverage, loss of income coverage, windshield and glass coverage, and others. However, most instant taxi insurance policies will not include these types of coverage and you will have to make a determination of whether or not to use this optional coverage. Most of the coverage should not be considered optional if you want to remain on the road. Breakdown and assistance coverage could be a livelihood saver if your taxi breaks down and you need to have it towed and repaired quickly. Everyone has to be concerned about theft and fire. If someone breaks into your taxi and you do not have this type of extra coverage, you could find yourself with delays or costs that you cannot afford. Legal expense coverage can make up the difference you may need to procure a legal representative to help you out. If for some reason your vehicle is out of commission, loss of income coverage can make the difference between being able to pay the bills and going out of business. If you want to get an instant taxi insurance quote that will provide you with an instant taxi insurance policy, be sure to consider the extra coverage that you may need.

How to Rent a Limo

Big occasions call for big plans of preparation, including a luxurious limo ride. If one is looking to rent a limo, choosing the right limousine service company may be a challenge to those not accustomed to renting limos. With so many limo services all offering top notch service and varying prices, “How to Rent a Limo” aims to shed some light on renting a limo for your next event.

Limos are a great way to arrive and leave anywhere in style. In the past, only the rich and prestigious were able to afford limousine services. Today, many limo companies offer affordable solutions so anyone can enjoy a limo ride on any special event. They function as more than just a taxi to and from a place. With the vast array of technological devices available today, limos are equipped with high tech tvs, phones, bars, and even Internet service. Also growing in popularity, are limo buses which are better suited for large parties.

Considering what accommodations you, your party, and your event require, How to Rent a Limo will guide you with the most important factors in renting a limo.

1.) Identify and Plan: First off, you need to identify the purpose of the limo rental. If it is a prom, will the limo be needed to/from dance and to/from the after party? Plan out the event and when the limo will be needed during the various trips required. The most common limo rentals are for airport trips, proms, weddings, funerals, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Make sure to plan renting for at least an extra hour as events may extend beyond their planned hours.

Next you need to identify how many people will actually be riding the limo. SUV stretch limos will accommodate up to 18 passengers, while the classic car limousine can allow up to 10 passengers to ride around in style. If your party has a certain make and model in mind, be sure to request that. Overcrowding and booking to the maximum capacity is obviously not recommended.

2.) Research: Once you have identified all aspects of the limo ride, you need to research the company that you are renting the limo and chauffeur from. When considering a limousine service company, the most important factor is service. Indications of a limo rental company with excellent service will show from the initial contact. They will promptly answer your call and make you feel comfortable you have chosen the right company to be a part of your event.

Your chosen limo company should be happy to provide you with a tour of their vehicles and run you through their fleet while answering any questions you have. Closely inspect the interior and exterior condition of the limousine to ensure cleanliness and proper maintenance. Be extremely cautious if a limo rental company offers to meet you in a parking lot.

Ensure the limo rental company is legitimate and is fully licensed and insured. Their insurance should cover the vehicle and the passengers. Your chosen limo rental should carry at least $1 million coverage. All drivers should possess a current chauffeur’s license and have passed a Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) background check.

Ask for references from the prospective limousine rental service. They should be delighted to offer them to you. This is an opportunity for them to shine and have their other customers share their experiences.

3.) Book in advance: Especially during high seasons such as prom, it is highly recommended that you reserve your limo rental around 3 months prior to the event.
Also, inquire about wedding discounts or specials. Some limousine rental services offer discounts for booking your bachelor/ette parties and the wedding transportation at the same time.

Ensure you understand the quoted price. Some quotes may not include gratuity, sales tax, or administrative fees. There may also be a minimum hour required to receive a special price.

*.) Enjoy: So you have done the research for choosing a limo rental, booked the limo, and confirmed with all involved parties. There’s only one last thing to do: enjoy the ride and have some fun – you deserve it!

How to Rent a Limo is brought to you by Topper Limousine, Inc. – Atlanta Limo Services – – World Class Service… With a Touch of Hospitality.

Courier Van Insurance — What You Need to Know About Courier Vehicle Insurance

Courier van insurance is needed if you use any vehicles for transporting people or other goods for payment or if you hire out a vehicle as well. There are a variety of different types of coverage options that are available, but they depend on what you are using the vehicles for. If you are using them to transport passengers, such as taxi drivers, you will need insurance that will cover your vehicle and the passengers you transport. Those who haul around goods in their vehicles will need a special type of insurance that will cover their goods as well.

If you are transporting goods with your commercial vehicles, you will want to purchase the extra goods in transit insurance. Usually this insurance is a separate policy from your regular commercial vehicle insurance policy. This type of insurance will help to provide coverage for your goods if they are stolen while in transit, if they are damaged in a vehicle accident, if they are lost while in transit, or if they are damaged while you are transporting them.

Some businesses often have more than just one commercial vehicle in use, and if you do, you will probably want to consider getting fleet insurance for your commercial vehicles. This will save you a great deal of time and money both. Whether you have two or three vans or you have an entire fleet of vehicles for hauling goods, this type of insurance can be a huge help. When you are choosing your fleet insurance, be sure that you choose the coverage that will best cover the types of use that your commercial vehicles get.

The costs associated with courier van insurance can be quite large, especially since there are so many of these types of vehicles on the road. Not only are there a lot of commercial vehicles out there, but most of them are larger than the average vehicle and can do more damage if they are involved in an accident. These factors result in the costs being higher for courier van insurance.

Even though costs may be high for courier van insurance, having this type of coverage is extremely important to you. There are a few ways that you can save on your insurance costs as well. Just increasing your access, insuring named drivers, and keeping your vehicles in secure locations at night can help reduce your costs.

Insurance premiums: Statistics favor women

Ladies, if your health insurance premiums are higher because they figure in maternity benefits, be encouraged when it comes to your automobile insurance. This is where we get the break. It is not because they are just treating us like “ladies” either. It is because we have earned it. The statistics are showing that women are more cautious, less aggressive drivers. I have proven this to be true from experience. Let me share a little story with you that will back up these facts.

Recently, my husband and I were driving in a busy city in a third world country. This city has few driving rules. All you are required to do to get a license is pay the fee. No driving test is required. I drive in this same city at times, but I am amazed at the differences in how we manage the traffic. My driving technique is “defensive” driving. His strategy is “conquer and kill”.

I come from a family of female gaspers. When your are faced with a close call, you gasp. Well, this is annoying to my husband. I am learning to ride in the passenger seat with my eyes closed. It’s the only way I can keep from gasping.

Suburban/Green & White Taxi Accident, St. Paul

Driving calmly through the city, this mini bus began to merge into our lane. He wrongly assumed my husband would drive like any other local, reduce his speed, and let him bully his way in front of him. Well, this “conquer and kill” male had no such thought. My husband never even braked. I was very proud of how I watched this vehicle side swipe us and never uttered one gasp.

It was not until after the mini bus had scraped down the side of our car, that he realized my husband was not budging and returned to his lane. He looked over at my husband and gave him a look that said, “Don’t you know how to drive?”

Now, I want to ask you, “Is it any wonder why insurance companies give women cheaper rates?” Several days later, I brought the subject up at home. I knew better than to say anything in the car at the time.

I said to my husband, “Now there’s the difference between you and me. I would have opted to slow down and let the taxi driver get in front of me rather than letting him hit me.” He had no rebuttal. It was true. It would have violated his masculinity to let that guy “conquer” him!

Of course, insurance rates are not being based on my husband’s driving (thank goodness). But, they are based on proven statistics. And, ladies, you are going to love this! Women have been shown statistically to be more overall more reliable drivers, and they file fewer claims.

The conclusions drawn by insurance companies are that women tend to be more cautious. Most of them are so convinced of this fact that they are willing to bet on it by giving them a cheaper rate.

Studies reflect that when women get in an accident, there is less damage done to the vehicle. That’s probably because we use the brakes even if it is the other guy who should! The story above is a case in point.

The insurance companies have found that women are less aggressive. I could have told them that years ago from driving with my husband.

Another interesting fact, that was brought out in one study I read, was that more women pass the driving test on the first try than men do. This has nothing to do with intelligence (the article pointed out), but that women tend to practice and prepare more for the test. (It must have been a woman who found that tidbit of information!)

So ladies, we may not be first in traffic, but we can take that extra 10% we’ve saved on our monthly premiums and get our nails done!

Questions Regarding Limo on Rent

There are many questions in mind of people who want to rent out a limousine. Like they think that why can’t they just book the cheapest limousine they can find or what to look for in a limousine company or why do you need my credit card information if he pays in cash or why do they have to pay for the limousine while we are not in it or can a person just rent a limousine for an hour or can the rider enjoy his drinks in a limousine? We have thousands of such questions. One should always find out answers to such questions and then make up his mind for renting out a limousine. As we know that a limousine rental is a luxury experience for most people and as with most things in life the old saying holds true for luxury goods that you get what you pay for. Thus while selecting a nice restaurant for the anniversary dinner or a luxury hotel for that special occasion based on price alone usually results in serious disappointment and the ruined event.

Setting priorities is most important like if any body’s priority is to find the best deal and the cheapest limousine in town, then the best bet is not to hire a limousine at all and find alternative transportation according to the event. Mostly the limousine companies call and cancel the booking day before the wedding as they find someone who is willing to pay more at the last minute. Then the person gives hundred excuses like the car was really old and smelled like it, the chauffeur didn’t look or act professional or the air conditioner didn’t work. Also there are companies which are priced cheaper than the other. This is because each limousine company in town knows what they are worth and they charge accordingly. One should always look for few following points before hiring out a limousine. Firstly the manufacturer of the car should be considered. Secondly the insurance should be taken into consideration then thirdly the permits then fourthly the chauffeurs and finally the contract. Many different styles and colors are available in stretch limousines. One should have a look at all the available models and should make sure of the latest design makes that the limousine operator can provide.

Also the older vehicles should be considered as many older limousines are likely to have a higher mileage, which will show wear both in interior and exterior which is not like new Regal Limousines. Many old models of limousines don’t have the amenities that modern coach builders provide. Limousine manufacturer is another consideration. One should only ride in limousines that are built by manufacturer certified coach builders.

Car Hires In Majorca – It’s truly the most easiest way to scour the island

Majorca or Mallorca which is regarded as the largest of the Balearic Islands of Spain is one of the most visited tourist places around the globe. Home to an illustrious history that boasted a Roman culture, Majorca is truly a place where the entire family will enjoy their holiday together. Whilst there are many transport options available such as bus and taxi, there are also more comfortable and convenient modes of travel such as by car hire.
There are those types of tourists who really do enjoy going right down to the grass root level of a country and taking the more rustic type of transport such as bus or even hired bicycles. While this has a charm of its own, it would be highly advisable that tourists take the opportunity to hire a car. The main reason being that cars offer a much more relaxed and refined experience than any other mode of transport.

The island of Majorca per se offers many attractions that require a visit. The best part is that most of these attractions are accessible by car, whether they are historical attractions such as Roman ruins, museums, theme parks or even zoos. Ideally, it would be convenient for travellers into Majorca to get a car hired from the hotel they stay in. Especially since the majority of the Hotels in Majorca offer this facility of providing a hire car at an extra fee.

Whilst the roads of this inimitable island would get some getting used to, tourists who do hire cars are advised to favour caution when driving, since most motorists do drive with their heart rather than their heads. But then what can one expect from a country where the heritage is as passionate as its people.

There is the usual question posed when it comes to hiring cars “Could I get a car to suit my budget?” In Majorca, the possibility of getting a car to suit any pocket is a reality, even Majorca Hotels provide different packages for there visitors . There are many cars on offer inclusive and exclusive of a variety of options. Although many are under the impression that comfort is probably meant to be sacrificed in order to lower the price, one would find that this is not a true fact.

Whatever the brand traveller’s desire, they are sure to be able to hire one. Many rent-a-car companies boast fleets of top end models such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Saab and even a Maserati or two. Hence no one would be stifled for choice. However, it is advisable to choose a car with lower mileage and frugal gas consumption. These requirements do of course come with a cost especially when considering many other factors such as insurance, AAA coverage and theft coverage.

The rule of thumb is to get a simple but reliable car that will get you and your family from point A to point B with the minimum amount of hassle. It would also be advisable to check the car records on offer at the rent-a-car company for previous damages or indeed previous accidents. Yet the most advisable option is to use the resources available at the hotel to choose a car ideal for your purpose, the reason being that even if it is a tad bit over your budget, there will be a higher probability of your hotel providing an honest and reliable choice.

Having said this, hiring that perfect mode of transport is not an issue that is worth considering since there is a free and widely available set of companies that are capable of providing a car for your requirements. The only choice that you would need to make is to note Majorca as a destination of choice for this year’s agenda.

Selecting A Sacramento Limousine

If you are planning to tour Sacramento by limo or hire one for a wedding, you have numerous options. The common favorite is the typical limousine as it is open and big enough to have room for bride and gown as well as the extra people who accompany the couple. You can select a car that represents your personality.

Limousine providers in Sacramento have a wide range of limos to choose from and you can either select a luxurious car like Mercedes Benz, vintage vehicles like 1950 Thunderbirds or sports cars like Ferraris. If your reception and ceremony sites are considerably close, and the weather conditions are suitable, you can also consider a more lovey-dovey form of transportation, like a vintage horse-drawn carriage.

Many limousine companies reserve their limousines on a minimum 3-hour basis. Whenever you employ the services of a Sacramento Limousine Company, make sure it has liability insurance and license. Avoid paying the full amount for the Sacramento Limousine before the event.

Given below are some common questions you should ask before choosing a Sacramento Limousine

. For how many years has the Sacramento limousine company been in business?
. Does the company have a back-up vehicle just in case your limo breaks down?
. How many vehicles does the Company have?
. How old are the vehicles?
. Which vehicles does the Company have?
. Does the company have liability insurance?
. How many drivers does the Company have?
. What is the cancellation/payment policy of the company?

Before you select the limousine, make sure you visit the garage and check for yourself if the claimed ‘new’ limos are brand new or just old and dented ones with a make-over. Limo services that claim to have dozens of vehicles at their disposal, might be “subbing-out” their job to smaller limousine companies. That means when you are waiting for the limo to take you out for a ride or take you to the church on your wedding day, you might actually be relying on more than one company for the service.

Check for references with family or friends before you hire a limo service in Sacramento. You can also easily find references in the local restaurants and wedding facilities. Numerous “fly-by-night” services might cheat you by taking the deposit today and going out of business tomorrow. Before you start the tour, make sure you get the vehicle checked. If the limo does not have license plates, your tour or wedding ceremony might be short-lived if the police tow the vehicle for violation of codes. Limo car services in California ought to be sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission to function.

When you visit the limo company, mark down the license plate numbers of the cars you choose so that you can be sure you get the vehicle you selected. Check the professionalism of the driver. The drivers should be appropriately dressed. If you have a special occasion or even a tour on hand for that matter, you wouldn’t want the chauffeur to stink in a shabby looking coat. Lastly, in Sacramento you wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity of traveling across the city with a rejuvenating glass of wine. Enquire with the limo company if they can provide you with clean glasses.

Cambodian Taxi Chaos – A Leaf, A Radiator And A Macgyver Moment

The roads in Cambodia are vicious, angry slabs of asphalt filled with potholes that would qualify as valleys in some countries. Fortunately, I had it made traveling from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh. Or so I thought.

Cambodian Taxis

Having spent two weeks in the relaxing beach town of Sihanoukville, I was getting bored and so were the three chaps traveling with me. It was time to head to the supposed chaos of Phnom Penh and eventually Angkor Wat. Despite the legendary reputation of Cambodian roads, the owner of our accommodations told us the road to Phnom Penh was smooth as glass. For twenty U.S. dollars, a local taxi would get all four of us to the city without incident.

Around noon, two Australians, an Englishman and myself crammed into a Toyota Camry with our backpacks and miscellaneous junk. Our driver was a good guy, smiling constantly. We did have a communication problem since he spoke about two words of English and we only spoke English. The road, however, was as smooth as promised and we congratulated ourselves on our stroke of luck.

For about an hour, we cruised through the placid Cambodian countryside. It was difficult to imagine the chaos that must have occurred when the Khmer Rouge was in power. There really wasn’t much to see beyond the occasional village. About half way through the trip, the lack of any sizeable towns became a concern.

In the proverbial middle of nowhere, our driver pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the car. Since we couldn’t verbally communicate, much finger pointing was undertaken. Were we lost? Did he want more money? Was he going on strike? What the heck was going on?

Eventually, we foreign idiots were able to decipher that the car was overheating. Lest you think us complete idiots, I must mention that the temperature gauge wasn’t working. Regardless, our driver popped the hood and our smooth trip came to a cracked end. Steam poured from a half-inch crack next to the radiator crap.

Road site assistance seemed an iffy prospect in the middle of Cambodia. I mean, you couldn’t really call your car insurance company.

Me: “Hi. My car is broken.”

Operator: “Okay, we will send someone out. Where are you?”

Me: “Um, somewhere in the middle of Cambodia.”

Operator: “…[hysterical laughter]… Click.”

The driver looked at us. We looked at him. Simultaneously, we all started laughing. What else could you do? We were in the middle of nowhere, the radiator was shot and it was 60 miles or so to Phnom Penh.

Looking back, I can tell you that Cambodian taxi drivers are a committed and creative group. We sat on the side of the road, contemplating the fact that we were about to have a much more authentic Cambodian experience then any of us had planned. Mysteriously, our driver had gone off into the brush on the side of the road. After a few minutes, he returned with a dark green leaf and a big smile.

Putting MacGyver to shame, he proceeded to patch the crack in the radiator using only the leaf and tube of superglue. We all moved back as he applied the superglue to the boiling hot radiator, but nothing went up in flames. After allowing for a suitable amount of time for drying/praying, all we needed was water.

Although admittedly not a car expert, I do know pouring cold water into the radiator of an overheating engine is a bad idea. MacGyver, err… our driver, didn’t bat an eye despite our extensive arm waving. With a big smile, the water went into the radiator as we watched in horror. The only question was what would happen first, the leaf patch bursting or the engine seizing up?

Well, you can guess how it turned out. Not only did we make it to Phnom Penh, we later learned the radiator had two other leaf patches on the bottom. The road had been smooth, but my nerves were still shot. At least I had ample ammunition to mock MacGyver fans.

Suburban/Green & White Taxi Accident, St. Paul

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hiring

How do most luxury sedan services work?

It’s simple. You make a reservation, by going online or calling their local number. Drivers drive their vehicles to your home, office, or wherever you are, pick you up and take you to your destination.

Besides Airport service, what driving services do luxury Sedan services offer?

Many companies offer As-Directed Service, which puts a vehicle and driver at your disposal for a set period of time. Point-to-Point Service is for trips between any two locations.

When does billable time start?

For airport service, most charge a fixed per one-way trip to or from the airport. With all other luxury sedan services, billable time starts after their driver arrives at the address you designate for pick up.

If my meeting or engagement finishes earlier or later than expected, how do I contact my driver?

You may contact your driver to inform him or her of changes via his or her cellular phone.

How do I pay for service?

The credit card provided to secure your reservation will be debited at the end of your service period.

Does luxury sedan services offer discounts?

Yes, some luxury sedan services have “Preferred Partners” program offers exciting perks for higher volume businesses.

What is standard attire for my driver?

Most driver’s attire is a black suit, white shirt and corporate tie.

Can I reserve the same driver?

Yes, most companies allow you to request the same driver every time. They make every effort to ensure your request is accommodated whenever possible. However, most cannot guarantee your requested driver will be available.

What kind of vehicle can I reserve?

Many can accommodate requests for Cadillac, Chrysler or Lincoln luxury sedans, vans and charter buses.

Does my driver perform a vehicle inspection?

Be sure the driver/company performs an inspection for your safety and protection. It is to assess whether the vehicle is in lawful condition to be driven.

What items should be are checked?

Seatbelts, insurance, registration, inspection, lights, turn signals, horn, tires and brakes.

Should I tip my driver?

For airport service a gratuity is not added to our service fees. Tipping is appreciated but completely voluntary and at the client’s discretion. For ‘as-directed’ and ‘point-to-point’ services, a 20% gratuity is automatically added to your charge.

How much should I tip my driver?

A customary 15-20% of the total bill is suggested for your chauffeur.

If you feel your driver has done an extraordinary job in making the trip to your destination perfect, you may want to give more.

When should I have the driver’s tip included in the bill?

Certain events can be overwhelming and mentally exhausting. In this situation, a pre-arranged gratuity would be one less imposition on your festivities. Another example of the convenience of not having to deal with a cash tip could be experienced at a busy airport.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Web reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and may be made up to 12 months in advance. Phone reservations may be from 12 months to 3 hours in advance.

Can I make a same day reservation?

Yes, most companies will allow you to by going online or calling their office, and they will make every attempt to accommodate you.

Can I book a reservation now?

Most reservation system makes reserving a luxury sedan almost as pleasurable as traveling in one, with extras like, easy payment options. New customers will often be required to supply a major credit card or a cash deposit to secure a reservation.

What do I do if I want to cancel my reservation?

Most companies will allow you to cancel your reservation without penalty up 2 hours in advance. You will be charged the full fee for any cancellation or change made with less than 2 hours notice.

What is a Corporate Account?

Corporate Accounts simplify billing by allowing businesses to make one payment for all services within a given month. Visit their Corporate Sales page of the company to learn how to open an account.

Is your company insured?

Be sure the company meets or exceeds the insurance requirements established by the State Limousine Law and the requirements for approved vendors of the Airport Authority.

Do Luxury Sedan Companies go to Canada?

Most transfers to or from Canada occur without incident, immigration or customs inspection officers occasionally detain passengers. Should a Sedan or van be held for detention and the officer wants the driver to remain with the passenger, their service will automatically switch over to hourly service. In some cases, the drivers are released leaving the passenger at the inspection facility. In this case, the passenger is still responsible for payment of their service.

Both sedan drivers and motor coach drivers are required to ensure each passenger has their proof of citizenship with them prior to the start of our service.

GPS Tracking: An Executive Summary-Who, What And Why

GPS vehicle tracking systems are a popular tool for business owners; Original equipment manufacturers from General Motors to Bobcat are including tracking systems in their vehicles. Here’s some background information to help you:

Who uses GPS tracking?

GPS tracking systems are used by businesses in the service, transportation and manufacturing industries. Businesses of all sizes, with fleets of 1 to thousands of vehicles, rely upon their tracking systems to add to their profitability.

Types of businesses using GPS tracking:

* Contractors who provide HVAC, plumbing or electrical services

* Limousine and taxi companies

* Uniform / Linen Services

* Food and Beverage Distributors

* Street Sweepers

* Pest Management Services

* Snow Plow Services

* Car Carriers

* Landscaping and Irrigation contractors

* Cable Company Contractors

* Bulk and Route Delivery

* Fuel / Oil Haulers

* Hazmat and/or Chemical Haulers

* Produce / Perishable Delivery

* Utility companies

* City, county and state motor pool fleets

What is it?

GPS tracking systems consist of a device installed in the vehicle, a central server and software for the owner to access the information.

All GPS tracking devices use data from the U.S. Government’s constellation of Global Positioning System satellites to determine a vehicle’s location, speed and direction of travel.

The tracking device transmits data from GPS satellites overhead to a central computer server via either a communications satellite or, more often, via the local cellular phone network. The vehicle data is updated every 2 – 15 minutes, depending upon the owner’s preferences and manufacturer’s settings.

The central server makes the tracking data available to the system owner through the Internet. The owner logs onto the tracking company’s secure web server and sees their vehicle data on a map and in text form. Some tracking companies make the data available for download, so the owner could archive it on their own computer.

Why do they use it?

Users of GPS tracking systems have many reasons why they’ve installed them:

1. Tracking systems reduce vehicle costs by targeting speeding employees, who waste fuel, cause excessive engine wear and ultimately, drive up insurance rates.

2. Using the system’s automatic mileage reminder reduces downtime and enhances vehicle resale values by encouraging scheduled, preventative maintenance. Your tracking system will remind you when it’s time to rotate tires, change oil or perform other scheduled maintenance.

3. Many insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30% for vehicles protected with tracking systems.

4. Productivity is improved by:

a. documenting long lunch hours,

b. exposing unauthorized breaks,

c. comparing driver overtime requests with system reports of driver activity,

d. logging personal vehicle use after hours or on weekends.

5. GPS tracking systems improve customer service by showing you which employee is closest to the client who just called. WOW your customers–give them precise arrival or delivery estimates, based upon the actual location of your vehicles at the moment they call.

6. Your system can tell you the exact time and date each employee reached each customer. If a customer questions when your employee arrived or left –prove it to them.

7. Is one employee more productive than another? –Check the data. Is it time to add a vehicle? –Use your system and there’s no more guessing.

8. Use your system to correlate overtime performed with your employees’ overtime requests. See who is putting in extra time.

9. Never make another phone call to find out where your employees say they are.

10. Simplify asset management by displaying everything on one computer screen. Make work easier for your dispatcher.

11. Tracking systems work without any input from the driver. No driver logs needed.

Purchasers of GPS vehicle tracking systems say they recover their investment in an average of six – 12 months, by both reducing expenses and improving productivity. While some users recoup their entire investment at one time by recovering a stolen vehicle, most users are repaid more gradually.