Hackney Carriage Insurance

Hackney carriage is a respectable name for London black cab. In other words it is a carriage or automobile that is kept for hire. In UK hackney carriage refers to a taxicab registered by Public Carriage Office in greater London or by other local authorities everywhere else in UK. A hackney carriage is allowed to move along the streets and pick up passengers. It can also pick up passengers without booking whereas, mini cabs require booking in advance. Similar to all hire vehicles, or indeed all motor vehicles, a hackney carriage needs to be insured before it can get on roads. Hackney carriage insurance is important for you and your passenger’s protection.

Many insurance companies offer different packages for insurance of your vehicle but you can find better prices form someone who specializes in hackney carriage policies. Hackney insurance packages can also be found by Internet research.
However proper hackney carriage insurance is harder to find than insurance of other private hire vehicles. The reason of this is because it is such a unique vehicle that is able to stand for long periods of time in a taxi rank and even flagged down in the street, which other private hire vehicles cannot afford.

Only a selected number of few insurance companies offer hackney carriage insurance because not many of the companies and insurance brokers are specialized in it. There are many other things that should be taken into consideration and only specialized companies in this field knows exactly what you want.

The most important thing to consider while choosing proper insurance for your hackney carriage is the level of cover a company is providing. You need to get insurance of not only you and your vehicle but also of your passenger. It is best to search for the policies that offer you medical, fire and legal cover in all possibilities. Assistance in breakdown condition is also required to make you able to be back on road quickly.
That hackney insurance companies should be searched who offers quick claim response. It might be possible that some of the companies might offer a replacement cab in case of accident or breakdown. It can be very helpful for the hackney owner need not to worry about the maintenance cost of the cab.

The best place to get cheapest quote on hackney carriage insurance is internet. There are certain sites that offer discounts and reductions on premium amount if policy is purchased online

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