How Does a Drunk Driving Conviction Affect Your Insurance?

Drunk driving in today’s world is the most crucial crime one can commit. Drunken driving causes harm not only to the driver and members in the automobile but also the other people, they can be any one, a pedestrian or even a member of the colliding vehicle. If one is convicted of drunk driving then in most states the automobile insurance rates are likely to go up for at least three years and will burn a big hole in ones pocket. The insurance rates go up even before one has completed the punishment or is done with the compensation. All states differ in the law that they possess. It may differ a bit but in every state if one is convicted of impaired driving, the driver’s rights is suspended for at least 30 days to one year. In order to get driver’s license and rights back, one will have to provide the licensing agency with a certain form called an SR-22 form, which proves that one has motor vehicle liability insurance. When one goes to auto insurance agency to get an SR-22 form, company will consider him as “high-risk” driver and increase his insurance premiums. This can make their insurance premium double or even triple. Whether one is a proud owner of the motorbike or is a driver of the minibus or just a chauffer, it will affect everyone. Thus no matter what situation comes, it is always preferable to have motorbike insurance or the mini bus drivers insurance for the driver as well as the vehicle.

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