Insurance for Taxi: Why is it Required?

The law of the United Kingdom requires you to have taxi insurance. It is a major criminal offense to drive a taxi in the UK without certified taxi insurance. If you do so, you will end up paying a huge fine or might even be put into jail. You are required not only to have taxi insurance, but the correct type of insurance is just as substantial to avoid any future repercussions.

There are two main types of insurance for a taxi in the UK: public and private taxi insurance. The former category basically includes the cabs that are usually parked at the side of the roads and are available for use by the public round the clock. These are required to have a license from the local vehicle authority. Private insurance for taxis covers insurance for private taxi firms that offer on call services, and are available to pick and drop you at specified destinations.

There are three main taxi insurance policies in the UK that cover both private and public users. These policies are comprehensive and allow anyone to drive a taxi, required that they meet some standard criteria. There is a policy that offers insurance on fire and theft and is called the “third party fire and theft” policy. This saves the driver form any loss due to third party damage. Another insurance policy known as the “third party only” covers only the driver and passengers. All these policies are aimed at protecting users of the widespread cab service in the UK and making sure that there are no undesirable ramifications.

As a taxi owner or driver, you have a liability not only to yourself, but also to the large number of passengers that ride your taxi. Taxi insurance policies are also extended to cover funeral furnisher’s mourner’s car, hearses, hospital and social service cars, school contracts, chauffeur driven limousines and wedding cars. Living in the UK, you would rather pay a small price for taxi insurance than get caught for driving a cab without insurance and then having to pay a much bigger price if an accident occurs.

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