Is Driving Without Hackney Taxi Insurance Wise?

Because of the high cost of insurance, many hackney taxi drivers are being caught without hackney taxi insurance. This situation can prove disastrous for you and your livelihood. In a recent sting operation completed by authorities, dozens of hackney taxi drivers were swept up for operating a hackney taxi without insurance or with the wrong type of coverage. Thousands of pounds in court cost and fines were imposed to those caught. Dozens of drivers were given license penalty points for the violations; some received as many as twelve penalty points. Some drivers had their license suspended and others were placed on extended suspension. A couple of drivers were jailed for driving a hackney taxi when they already had been disqualified from doing so. Many of the drivers are now faced with repaying fines that they no longer have a means to pay and others are disqualified from driving.

It is not wise to drive a hackney taxi without insurance or with the wrong type of coverage. Random checks of drivers are often completed to ensure that drivers and owners are covered with the type of policy the council or local authority requires. Cheap hackney taxi insurance may be available but make sure the policy covers the minimum that the local authority requires for you hackney taxi. Do not let what happened to these other drivers happen to you. Now many of the drivers need to work to pay off the fines and do not have the ability to. Those that still can operate a hackney taxi have multiple points placed on their licenses and the cost of insurance will rise dramatically. This situation could prove very expensive for the driver or owner and make it almost impossible to remain in business. Take the time to find the right policy that you can afford to ensure you do not place your hackney taxi in jeopardy. The list of defendants routed out in the sting operation was very long and they will feel the effects for many years to come. Do not make this mistake and be sure to carry the right type of hackney taxi insurance.

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