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Cab Insurance Policies

Insurance for your taxi is required by UK law. Taxi insurance is necessary, be it for public use or private. It is compulsory as you could end up paying very heavily or you could even be put in jail. It is also required by law to have the correct type of insurance to be allowed to ferry passengers. To insure your taxi you must first know the two main types of insurance. The first is for public use and the second for private use.

Public taxis are the famous black cabs of London, such vehicles are required to have a license from the reigning vehicle authority in the area. Also public taxis must have insurance that allows them to stop and pick people up from the side of the road. However, private insurance for taxis is such that is used by local taxi firms that operates through an office. Usually private taxis are called upon and then they come pick you up and take you to the destination you wish to reach.

These two main types of taxi insurance have three different cab insurance policies. These policies are fully comprehensive and allow anybody to drive the vehicle,since there is no restriction, third party thefts and unexpected fires which is to recover the vehicle from any damage and lastly third party policy which only covers the damage that is experienced by the drivers or the passengers.

There might be an excess set on the insurance of taxi cabs which may be set on a monthly basis. It is an offense against the UK law if you do not have insurance for your taxi, it is a small price to pay in comparision to the heavy fines that may be imposed upon you if your taxi is found without insurance also it is safer to get insurance. The consequences of not having insurance and getting into an accident can be pretty heavy. Taxi companies have gone into bankruptcy by claims against them from dissatisfied passengers. Insurance is an important aspect of driving a taxi so be sure to get insurance for your taxi.