Taxi Cab Insurance;What is UK Black Cab insurance Legal cover?

Black cabs have become UK’s icon. They are the main mode of transportation, to ensure that they always stay that way you need taxi cab insurance. There are a number of different considerations that should be further looked into when looking for a taxi cab insurance quote. Some companies only specialise in larger cities such as London, or Birmingham whereas some focus only on the small cities such as Reading or Lancaster. So first of all it is necessary that the company you choose for your insurance quote covers all locations within the UK.

The typical criteria that will help in determining your premium and its percieved risk will involve questions such as the taxi driver’s age; the number of years he has held his taxi badge for; period of years that you wish to be insured for; age, make and model of the taxi that you wish to insure and the added alternative of a replacement vehicle should the current one go out of commission.

Some insurance companies strongly advise taxi cab drivers to also look into and take into serious consideration the options of a public liability cover and a legal fee cover. Legal fee coverage would help in the case of a court ruling or a situation where your driver may get stuck on the bad end of a court order, if such a case arises your taxi cab’s insurance will take care of any legal expenses that might take place.
Some companies also give out extra added benefits such as insurance for new badge holders, a 24-hour claims service, flexible payment options, a choice for a 3 level insurance cover including; third party fire and theft, third party only and comprehensive insurance. Also some insurance brokers compare rates from some of UK’s top specialist taxi insurers and get you their least expensive and their best possible taxi cab insurance quote. This is means that now you get more for less!

Be sure to keep in mind all the above given factors and expand your market research, as this is the only possible way for you to get the best taxi cab insurance suitable for you.

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