What defines a mini cab?

Minicab in England is used to refer to a private hire car and “private hire” is used in Scotland. As the name suggests these are passenger vehicles which can accommodate either 4 passengers in its 4 door saloon/hatchback or 5-8 passengers in its licensed MPV’s and can only be hired on pre-booked basis. It started off its operation in the 1960’s in direct competition to Hackney carriages which can cater to passengers without pre-bookings.
Starting 2001, the minicabs have been regulated in London and are now licensed under the Public Carriage Office, renamed as London Taxis and Private Hire (LTPH). The drivers need to undergo a Topographical test in order to obtain the Private Hire drivers license.
Owners of any type of vehicle; be it heavy and light weight motors, personal or public taxis have to have insurance before taking their vehicle on the road. It is the responsibility of the driver, be it public or private Hire to have the insurance while driving on the road. Safe drivers are aware of the risks involved and Taxi insurance is important for their livelihood’s security.
Taxi insurance is aimed at the cab drivers or those who operate the taxi business. Insurance not only speculates the drivers’ risk but also insures the passengers. Due to increased competitiveness in the insurance industry, there are separate policies for the drivers and the taxi owners for their convenience. To make it easier for the drivers and the owners, insurance companies have started their online ‘quote’ system where they make it easier for the insurer to get a quote on the insurance policies offered by them.
The Mini Cab and the public hire have different quotes available by different insurance companies. There are different policies, different number of people to be insured on the same vehicle. Due to increased competitiveness there is a minor difference between the insurance of private and the public Hire vehicles. It is important for you to know the difference between the policies to ensure that you get the best insurance for your minicab

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