How important are the employee benefits you offer

We live in a world that’s built on fierce competition. As employers, we are constantly fighting to obtain and keep the talent that walks through our doors. Many companies struggle with employee retention, and the question is why? Why does that happen? The answer is simple – employee benefits. It’s not something many businesses think about, but if… Read More »

Do I need Health Insurance living in the UK?

It has been troubling times recently with the global health scare we are dealing with now unfortunately and people are thinking about how it will impact themselves and their families. Living in England we are extremely lucky to have the NHS to help support us when we have an accident or sickness unlike our friends over the other… Read More »

Minicab versus black cab – which offers greater earning potential?

As a prospective cab driver, choosing which route to go down can be a bit of a conundrum. Both private and public hire have their benefits and their drawbacks. It’s a good idea to work these out before committing to see which would work best for you. Average fare earnings The general consensus is that a public hire… Read More »

Insuring the Elderly Driver

Insuring the elderly is sometimes a challenge due to presenting medical conditions, slow responses, and vision disabilities. AARP insurance is currently giving quotes on car insurance for people over fifty. These car insurance quotes vary depending on the elderly individuals driving record. A good driving record could keep the cost down but poor driving records, recent wrecks, and… Read More »

How much does taxi insurance cost?

It’s a legal requirement for all road vehicles to have motor insurance. The difference between standard car insurance and taxi-insurance is that taxi-insurance only covers motor vehicles that transport passengers for hire and payment. Taxi insurance companies provide cover for minicabs, black cabs, minibuses, taxi fleets as well as public and privately hired vehicles. And in order to… Read More »

5 Things Your Taxi Insurance Should Have

The best taxi-insurance policies are the ones that give you everything you need. A great price will always grab your attention, but it’s always good to check what you get for your money. A low premium might seem good, but if it doesn’t give you the best of everything, then you might be better going elsewhere. These are… Read More »

The internet as a means of a taxi insurance quote

The internet today has made practically everything possible while staying within the comfort of your home. Now you can even purchase a taxi insurance quote online! There are several ways of getting the right cover for your taxi insurance policy, but nothing beats purchasing one online

Why are taxi Hire Insurance Policies so important?

Like a private car a taxi, be it a public or a private one, involve the need at one time or another of a taxi hire insurance company. The first thing when thinking of driving a taxi or of starting your own taxi business is to understand the importance of taxi hire insurance policies

How can I reduce my Premiums on Taxi Insurance

Who doesn’t want to get cheap taxi insurance! The best way to get cheap taxi insurance is by lowering your premium costs. There are some tips that you can keep in mind while trying to reduce your premium costs. First off there are No-Claims bonuses

Importance of Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Private hire taxi insurance is required under the United Kingdom law. A private hire taxi is one that is available for public use round the clock. These are the taxis that function with on-call customers, where you can call them and ask to collect or drop you from or at a particular destination respectively.