5 Things Your Taxi Insurance Should Have

By | September 22, 2012


The best taxi-insurance policies are the ones that give you everything you need. A great price will always grab your attention, but it’s always good to check what you get for your money. A low premium might seem good, but if it doesn’t give you the best of everything, then you might be better going elsewhere. These are some of the things you should look out for when you’re comparing policies:

  • Dedicated Service – It’s always better to have an insurer who is a specialist in insuring taxis and not just a general insurance firm. Generally they’ll give you the best price anyway, but they’ll also give you a much better service if and when you have to make a claim. They’ll also be in a position to give you a wider range of relevant products, including courtesy cars or replacement taxis.
  • Unlimited Mileage – You’re going to do a lot of miles in a year, and you have no real way of knowing just how many that will be. Having an unlimited mile policy means that you’ll never have to worry about going over your limit any paying excessive extra costs. It’s often not a huge increase in the cost of the policy either.
  • Legal Expenses – If the worst does happen, and you have to make a claim, then you could be in for a shock if your policy doesn’t include sufficient legal expenses. Make sure that your policy includes full legal expenses cover for whatever situation that might arise. Legal costs can be extremely high, so this is essential.
  • Discounts – The best insurers will offer a variety of discounts in several forms. You might get a good price for being a new taxi driver or company, and you should always accrue discounts for having a no-claims-bonus. Experienced drivers should have this protected. If you’re new to taxi driving, make sure that any quotes you get take into account any claim-free driving with a private vehicle.
  • Extra Insurance – There are a number of extra types of insurance that might be beneficial to you, and it always helps if your policy or insurer offers these. Public liability insurance is essential. Fleet and office insurance is clearly not for all drivers, but it’s great if a fleet can be completely insured under one policy.

This is not a comprehensive list, and as a general rule, you should try to get as many extras as possible to get as much value from your money as you can. It often takes a long time to search through policy details to find out all of the information you need, especially when comparing different insurers, but it can be much easier if you get taxi insurance. They are a taxi-insurance specialist who will help you to find the best quotes and prices. They search a wide panel of insurers to find you the right policy, and have excellent relationships with those insurers, meaning they can offer the best rates.


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