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Van Insurance : the Purpose Matters as Much as the Model of the Van

When you decide on van insurance, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration. Among them that figures highly is the model of the van you drive. This is a major determinant of the premium you will have to pay. A more expensive van will obviously attract a larger premium. When we speak of a van as… Read More »

Minibus Insurance Advice For Driving to a European Ski Resort

If you’re planning a trip to a popular ski resort in Europe with friends or family, why not travel together in a minibus. It can be better value for money if everyone chips in to hire a minibus rather than paying individually for air fares or train tickets. Costs like minibus insurance, fuel and ferry fares can be… Read More »

5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Taxi Minibus Insurance

More taxi operators today are choosing to drive an MPV or Minibus because of its extra space and carrying capacity. Minibuses can carry more than four passengers and there is no need to turn away those with too much luggage. But there are extra costs involved with driving a larger vehicle, one of these being minibus insurance. It… Read More »

Top 10 Minibus Driving Tips

The provides a useful guide for driving a minibus. In this article I have selected their top 10 tips for driving safely. Some may seem obvious but they are all worth mentioning. As a minibus driver you are ultimately responsible for your passengers’ safety and the safety of other road users. 1. If your minibus is fitted… Read More »

Van Insurance : Reasonable Premiums for Purpose Well-served

Vans are used for a number of purposes. Apart from the purpose that your van serves from you, the model of your van also plays a big role to ultimately determine how high a premium it would attract. It is obvious that a commercial van would attract higher premiums than a non-commercial one. And then, an expensive model… Read More »

A Brief Guide to Driving a Minibus in Europe

As flying is becoming more expensive an increasing number of holiday makers are choosing to drive to Europe. Minibuses are a popular choice of transport but there are a number of legal requirements that affect driving abroad. When travelling within EU member states and ASOR signatory states (Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and some Eastern European Countries) a control document… Read More »

Minibus Insurance Advice- a Buyers Guide

Insurance for a minibus, as with any motor vehicle, is required by the law. The minimum level is Third Party cover but this is a very basic policy. The minibus owner is risking a large bill if something were to happen that required a claim. Uses for a minibus can include transport for nursing homes, schools, local authorities… Read More »

Three Ways to Prevent Accidents When Driving a Minibus

Nobody wants to be involved in a traffic accident, especially when you could be transporting up to 16 other people in a minibus. This article identifies three ways of minimising the chance of an accident and therefore saving you money on your minibus insurance by reducing the need for making claims. 1. Be aware of other road users.… Read More »

The Ten Most Bizarre Motor Insurance Claims

Every year insurance providers receive a variety of unusual claims, whether it’s car, motorcycle or minibus insurance. Many involve animals, trees, or inanimate objects. This article reveals the ten most bizarre and obscure claims, all from genuine sources: 1. One motorist was in such a panic when a wasp flew into his car and up his trouser leg… Read More »

Minibus Driving Advice- Accidents and Minibus Insurance

Whether it is your own minibus or a hire vehicle it is useful to know what to do in the event of an accident. A claim on your minibus insurance is the usual outcome after an accident. This article outlines the information that needs to be gathered at the scene to prevent any dispute. As a minibus driver… Read More »