Online Taxi Insurance Tips

By | July 1, 2009


Finding taxi insurance is easy with online insurance brokers. Simply fill in the forms and they will carry our searches to find the most competitive quotes to meet your needs. Online insurances companies will also provide fast and competitive quotes.

Using an insurance company that has years of providing insurance for taxis offer low rates on all types of taxi insurance and that is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) will provide peace of mind that the company is a legitimate one.

It is even possible to get quotes from multiple brokers by using price comparison type websites.

Many taxi insurance companies offer the following incentives, along with teams of consultants who will help you make a choice with your taxi insurance:

1. Matching or offering cheaper like for like taxi insurance. This can be a great way to save money!

2. Various vehicle options, including taxis, minicabs and MPVs

3. Insurance for black cabs. Licensed hackney carriages may require different insurance options than private hire vehicles or taxis operating outside of inner cities.

4. Insurance for those who have a poor driving record. The premiums will be higher for those with a poor driving record.

5. Any driver policies. This type of policy is ideal if the taxi is driven by various people. However, if there is only going to be one person driving a particular vehicle a named person option will be far more cost effective than any driver policies.

Special introductory offers for new ventures. A great way to start up a new taxi business. Savings during the first few months of any new business should be taken advantage of!

Other options to help save further on insurance premiums include:

1. The possibility of having a fleet policy for business with more than one taxi. The additional number of vehicles requires varies between insurance companies. Some class a fleet as two or more vehicles, while others stipulate over three, four or five. Shop around to see how many vehicles are required before this type of insurance is available.

2. Public Liability insurance included with the policy. This is required by many local authorities before they will offer a contract to provide taxi services for them.

Some insurance companies include plated courtesy vehicles should your be off the road due to an accident or incident. This helps keep your taxi business earning money! Also emergency breakdown cover is often available. Taxi insurance companies appreciate that not having a vehicle on the road can mean loss of potential earnings.

Many insurance companies who specialise in taxi insurance offer ring back services. The day and time of receiving the phone call can be requested online to suit your working hours.

They will also have dedicated teams of consultants who specialise in meeting the needs of taxis drivers. Taxi insurance differs from private vehicle insurance, the consultants will provide information and advice on the type of insurance you need.

To help spread the cost of insurance premiums variable payments methods such as monthly installments may be useful for many people. Likewise, some insurance companies offer taxi insurance of a week or month, whatever is required to meet individual needs.


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