Taxi Insurance Options

Operating a taxi or minicab, which is also know as a Private Hire Vehicle, legally will mean that you will need to have the correct type of valid insurance. There are many different taxi insurance options available to meet individual and company needs. For taxi companies who own multiple vehicles a taxi fleet insurance can offer huge savings… Read More »

Different Types of Taxi Insurance

Looking at the increasing number of road accidents, as well as vehicle theft, insurance for your vehicle is a must. Getting coverage for a vehicle means that at the time of damage or theft, the company from whom the policy is taken will cover the cost of damages, or will pay for the cost of the vehicle in… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving a Minibus

Minibuses are large, passenger carrying vehicles. Because of this extra responsibility the driving regulations regarding licensing, servicing and minibus insurance are a lot stricter than a normal car. This article is a guide to the frequently asked questions about driving a minibus. What is a minibus? The classification for a minibus is a vehicle that has between 9… Read More »

What is a Minibus, Do I Have the Correct Licence and What About Insurance?

More drivers in the UK today are using MPV’s and People Carriers. But as the car has 7-8 seats can it be classed as a minibus? The answer is ‘no’. What is a Minibus? If it has between 9 to 16 passenger seats then its classification is as a minibus. This has implications for the type of driving… Read More »

Keeping Safe – Tips For Taxi Drivers

Operating a successful taxi business is becoming much harder for some operators. The credit crunch has hit hard for many as the public are tightening their money belts every way they can, including the use of taxis. However, the current and on-going drink driving campaigns by the government is having a positive effect on increasing the number of… Read More »

How Taxi Insurance Works in the UK

How taxi insurance works in the UK The  Taxi Insurance Company is very significant in the United Kingdom.  The Taxi Insurance UK is one of the largest  taxi insurance companies, private or public hire.  The Taxi Insurance experts, known as brokers  will offer you efficient service and excellent coverage.  More so, the competitive insurance policies  are designed to… Read More »