Public Hire Taxi Insurance

Public Hire taxis are the ones which you call upon specifically from your home to run you an errand or to simply take you to where you want to go, they are a bit more personal and as with all taxis even you public hire taxi needs insurance!

Taxi insurance UK

The first step in becoming a cab driver involves you in making a choice in between whether you would like to operate a hackney carriage or a private hire taxi.

What defines a mini cab?

Minicab in England is used to refer to a private hire car and “private hire” is used in Scotland. As the name suggests these are passenger vehicles which can accommodate either 4 passengers in its 4 door saloon/hatchback or 5-8 passengers in its licensed MPV’s and can only be hired on pre-booked basis

Black Cab Insurance

Black taxi cab is truly an icon. It is a symbol of UK itself and there are not many streets where you wont come across one black cab. But for a driver, black cab is not only an icon but also a source of income

Compare Taxi Insurance

Taxis are like our paid- for service car. Black cabs, public hire taxis, chauffeurs and private hire taxis are the different kinds of taxi business. Like other business, proper protection in the form of insurance is required for taxi business also

Hackney Carriage Insurance

Hackney carriage is a traditional name for London black cab. Or in other words it is a carriage or automobile that is kept for hire. In UK hackney carriage refers to a taxicab registered by Public Carriage Office in greater London or by other local authorities everywhere else in UK

Cheapest taxi insurance

Is it really worth risking your life and that of your passengers by opting for the cheapest taxi insurance? Probably not worth all the trouble you’d have to go through later when the law catches up with you

Private taxi insurance

There are different factors to consider when obtaining private taxi insurance. Obviously the market is filled with insurance brokers who are sitting there just help you get the best taxi insurance that would be suited to your needs and specific wants

Taxi fleet insurance

Taxi fleet insurance is basically like getting insurance for a group of taxis. The number of taxis that make up your fleet of taxis is different for each company

Taxi insurance quote online

A taxi insurance quote is what you need once you need to find an estimate about your insurance cost. There are two main ways to get a taxi insurance quote; one is online and the other is by calling the insurance broker directly