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Finding Cheap Taxi Insurance

Usually, the biggest mistake that taxi drivers make while purchasing taxi insurance is buying the most expensive one, only to find that cheap taxi insurance provides a much better cover compared to what they just signed up for. It is but human nature that more expensive things appear to be more tantalising, but this should not be the… Read More »

Cheap Taxi Insurance Online

Take advantage of the services online insurance brokers offer. Not only will they provide a number of insurance quotes from different insurances companies they work in partnership with – they also have dedicated teams of consultants who specialise in taxi insurance to help you obtain the most competitive quotes and insurance options available. It should be realised that… Read More »

More People Using Taxis to Get to Work. Taxi Insurance is a Must.

Due to an increase in tourism and people living away from their workplace and choosing not to drive, more people using taxis to get to work (let’s face it, who can afford a car these days?), a boom in the taxi business is being seen – and with the competition level increasing day by day, companies are buying… Read More »