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Private Hire Taxi Insurance

In order to obtain cheaper taxi insurance you need to advise insurers of the possible taxi insurance discounts they may be able to offer you. Many Private Hire and Public Hire insurance companies and brokers like www.connect-insurance.co.uk look at which council you are plated to, your age and the length of time you have held your taxi badge.

Finding the Right Taxi Insurance

Finding the right taxi insurance, or private hire insurance, is really not a hard task to complete once you know what to look for from the taxi insurance offers you get. There are also several insurance companies and insurance experts specialising in private and public hire insurances, offering their service to tailor-make your taxi insurance to best suit… Read More »

Top Tips To Help Reduce Taxi Insurance Premiums

Each insurance policy premium will be based on individual needs and circumstances; however there are a variety of different ways to help reduce taxi insurance premiums. No Claims Discounts, also referred to as no claims bonuses, are one of the most effective ways to lower your insurance premium. If you have a proven record of not making claims… Read More »

Taxi Insurance Options

Operating a taxi or minicab, which is also know as a Private Hire Vehicle, legally will mean that you will need to have the correct type of valid insurance. There are many different taxi insurance options available to meet individual and company needs. For taxi companies who own multiple vehicles a taxi fleet insurance can offer huge savings… Read More »