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Insurance for Taxi: Why is it Required?

The law of the United Kingdom requires you to have taxi insurance. It is a major criminal offense to drive a taxi in the UK without certified taxi insurance. If you do so, you will end up paying a huge fine or might even be put into jail. You are required not only to have taxi insurance, but the correct type of insurance is just as substantial to avoid any future repercussions.

Taxis insurance

Taxi drivers earn by driving people in their cabs. If they run into an accident it is not only a timely trauma but costs them a lot in following days, getting their vehicle repaired and also not making further earnings until it’s all fixed back

Insurance for a Taxi

 Everyone needs insurance for a taxi if he or she wishes to remain in business.  The law requires taxi operators to have certain levels of insurance.  Depending on where you operate, you may be required to have certain extra provisions.  Taxi insurance can be very difficult to understand because of the complex nature of the different types of… Read More »