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Taxi Insurance: Post-Accident Process

So, you have found yourself a great taxi insurance policy, or maybe had experts help you find the best possible taxi insurance policy for your needs – what next? You never know when an accident may happen, and it would be best to prepare yourself and understand what steps are involved in accident handling. Here, we are going… Read More »

Looking For Cheap Taxi Insurance?

There are many considerations and factors to be taken into account when choosing taxi insurance. Different insurance options are widely available to help ensure all of your insurance needs are met. The age and value of your taxi may help you decide which type of taxi insurance to opt for. It may be a better option for older… Read More »

Top Tips To Help Reduce Taxi Insurance Premiums

Each insurance policy premium will be based on individual needs and circumstances; however there are a variety of different ways to help reduce taxi insurance premiums. No Claims Discounts, also referred to as no claims bonuses, are one of the most effective ways to lower your insurance premium. If you have a proven record of not making claims… Read More »

More People Using Taxis to Get to Work. Taxi Insurance is a Must.

Due to an increase in tourism and people living away from their workplace and choosing not to drive, more people using taxis to get to work (let’s face it, who can afford a car these days?), a boom in the taxi business is being seen – and with the competition level increasing day by day, companies are buying… Read More »

Different Types of Taxi Insurance

Looking at the increasing number of road accidents, as well as vehicle theft, insurance for your vehicle is a must. Getting coverage for a vehicle means that at the time of damage or theft, the company from whom the policy is taken will cover the cost of damages, or will pay for the cost of the vehicle in… Read More »